Life in Taiwan

Johnson famly 2004 picWe continue to serve with WorldVenture at Morrison Academy in Taiwan. Check out our posts in Dad's Thoughts, Updates, Photos, and favorite podcasts. Our old homepage with past updates and photos can still be found, but we have a NEW INDEX PAGE

Dwight and Beckie put together a book about life for us in Taiwan.

Dwight teaches computers and helps Morrison staff and students learn to better use technology.  Highlights each year include a weekly father/son breakfast, maintaining the Morrison K8 website, a presentation on tech. issues to seniors, and presenting in relationship classes the differences in how men and women think (some sources used are in the center column here and I highly recommend checking them out).

Beckie continues to help as Morrison Academy school nurse and keeps our home going.  She also does child care and provides a listening ear for young moms.

Andrea is living with Beckie's sister Jennie and studying for a doctorate of physical therapy at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.  She will graduate in May 2008.

David  graduated in June 2006 with 3 degrees from SPU, spent twelve weeks in Alabama for Officer Training School and is now a Second Lieutenant serving in Air Force Technical Applications Center [AFTAC] at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida.

Stacie  graduated from SPU in June 2007 and has moved to Colorado for at least the next year. She has a job working for a non-profit organization, Quiet Waters Ministries.  They are committed to renewing Christian leaders.

Daniel  graduated from Morrison in June 2006 and now attends SPU majoring in electrical engineering.

Malia starts middle school this year.  She will continue learning to play viola, loves horses and looking forward to seeing her brothers and sisters.

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